Breast Augmentation – Enlargement London

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Mr Dario Rochira has over 15 years experience in cosmetic surgery, and regularly performs breast enlargements or breast augmentation at private hospitals in London.  Increasingly popular in the UK and throughout the world, breast enlargement surgery is the easiest way to permanently enlarge breast volume and achieve a fuller shaped breast.

Personalised Care
In Mr Rochira’s opinion, breasts should be thought of as ‘sisters’ and not ‘twins’. Every woman has her own unique breast shape, skin and tissue features. This is why many different sizes and shapes of implants are now available. Mr Rochira has extensive experience in all aspects of surgery for breast augmentation (whether it is being carried out for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, and also without the use of an implant).  No matter why you are considering breast augmentation surgery, Mr Rochira will take the time to understand your objectives and discuss the best option for you.


Breast Implant Options

Although round shaped implants are the most popular in UK, anatomical ‘natural shaped’ implants are also available and Mr Rochira is highly experienced in both. Anatomical implants tend to fill the upper portion of the breast more than round ones. Round implants tend to settle lower than anatomical ones. In many cases, the anatomical shape will achieve the most natural result. However Mr Rochira appreciates that breast surgery is an important step for every woman and he will work with you to allow you test out and model a variety of different options, to enable you to visualise them based on your unique body shape.

Theatre Time

1 Hour


Natural crease underneath the breast

Lenght Of stay

Day case or 1 night stay

Time Off Work

2 weeks

Before & After

More case studies are available on Before | After page

To make an appointment to see Mr Rochira or to learn more about the breast augmentation surgery that he carries out please fill the form. send an email to or telephone his secretary on 07738 233604.