Breast Reduction – Mammoplasty London

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Mr Dario Rochira has over 15 years experience in cosmetic surgery and regularly performs all types of breast surgery, including breast reductions, at hospitals in Central London.
In Mr Rochira’s opinion, a beautiful breast is not always a big breast. It’s a matter of shape and position. As a Specialist Plastic Surgeon experienced in all types of breast surgery, Mr Rochira can help you to feel more comfortable by removing tissue from large and heavy breasts so that your breast will be more in proportion to your body shape.
The procedure is called Breast Reduction and it always includes a breast uplift since your breast will be lifted up, with the result of a firm and aesthetically attractive looking result.
Some patients want to have breast reduction surgery to alleviate back and shoulder pain or to feel more comfortable while exercising, while other patients may choose a breast reduction purely for cosmetic reasons.
Nipple-areola complex will be also reduced in proportion with the new smaller breast.
The result is usually long lasting as long as you keep your weight stable. However the new breast will follow the physiological ageing process and will change over time due to gravity, pregnancy and breast feeding. However the good news is that your breasts will never sag as much as they did before surgery.

Theatre Time

3 Hours


T-inverted shape (anchor shape)

Lenght Of stay

1 or 2 nights

Time Off Work

2 weeks

Before & After

More case studies are available on Before | After page

To make an appointment to see Mr Rochira or to learn more about the breast reduction surgery that he carries out please fill the form, send an email to or telephone his secretary on 07738 233604.