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Clearly the breast catches attentions from men from the very first moments. However the breast is also a symbol of femininity and sensuality.

The size or shape of the breasts affects both the physical-sexual and social aspects of women. Breast might be too small, too big, droopy, asymmetrical. A Plastic Surgeon expert in breast surgery can help you to achieve the best result for a long lasting natural outcome.

Mr Dario Rochira has over 15 years experience in cosmetic surgery and regularly performs all types of breast surgery, including to correct inverted nipples, at private hospitals in London.

To make an appointment to see Mr Rochira or to learn more about the breast surgery that he carries out or to enquire about costs please send an email to or telephone his secretary on 07738 233604.

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We have prepared this guide to assist you if you are considering (or have planned) breast surgery with Mr Rochira. In addition to answering the questions that most of our patients have about their surgery, this guide also explains Mr Rochira’s fee structure and includes important information on how we handle and protect your personal data.