Chin Implants London

A chin implant is a procedure designed to achieve more proportion and balance on a patient’s face. The perfect chin should align along the vertical line drawn through the corner between upper lip and nose. A small chin can be particularly noticeable on the side profile and a chin implant will correct this.

Silicon chin implants are tailored and customised to suit the patient’s individual jaw line. It is also completely removable with a corrective surgery.

The chin implant is inserted in place under general or local anaesthesia through a 3-4cm scar hidden in the natural crease under the chin. Rarely can be inserted through an intraoral approach (incision inside the mouth). An head band is placed for 3 days and stitches removed after 7 to 10 days.

Chin implant is often performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty, facelift and neck lift, otoplasty.

Mentoplasty is the invasive surgical procedure which involves reposition of the mandibular bone to realign the jaw. This includes longer recovery time, risk of cross bite and nerve injury higher than chin implant. The safest way to avoid mentoplasty while restoring nicer proportion to the person’s face is to place a silicone implant.

Chin implant is a relatively frequent procedure and common in rhinoplasty patients.

Dr. Rochira sculpts the chin implant to fit individual unique jaw line. Every face is different and it is important to respect the patient’s ethnic origin.


Some temporary swelling and bruising after the procedure will make your chin look larger than it actually is. The vast majority of patients will return to work after only 1 week. A soft food diet is recommended for a few days and you will be warned to refrain from strenuous activity for 2 weeks after surgery. Pain is minimal and well controlled by medication. It is not unusual for patients to experience some partial numbness to one or both sides of the chin or lip and this will usually subside within 2-3 months.

Theatre Time

30 Minutes


Under the chin or inside the mouth

Lenght Of stay

Day case

Time Off Work

1 - Week


Chin augmentation can be achieved by several methods:

Non surgical augmentation of the chin with filler will provide a more conservative result that will be temporary for between 6-12 months. Fillers are generally made of soft material so the resulting augmentation will be more limited in comparison to a surgical procedure.
Chin augmentation with a chin implant requires a surgical procedure to insert the implant.
Augmentation of the chin with jaw advancement surgery (genioplasty) requires more invasive surgery than insertion of an implant.

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