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Dr Rochira sees many women on their 50s seeking non-surgical treatments for facial renjuvination. However is some cases cases Dr Rochira decides that they are not suitable for such treatments and instead recommend asurgical treatment called face and or neck lift.
There are ages or cases when the facial and neck skin laxity together with loss of tone and volume that presents with two options:

Inject fillers in specific areas of the face artificially masking the signs of gravity. The cost of this treatments may vary from £100 to € 2000 per session to repeat every 6 months or so. However in the results will always be unsatisfactory, temporary and often artificial because the treatment should be lifting and not filling.

recommend a face and or neck lift, which in a few hours and 2 weeks of recovery allows you to obtain exactly the desired result in a natural way (without infiltrating any external substance).
A face and neck lift requires general anesthesia and an overnight stay.
It is a surgical procedure and must always be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon who can show you other cases he/she has operated on.
Botox and fillers are a powerful and very effective weapon in many cases but when the force of gravity exceeds the (non-lifting) power of the infectables, you should think twice before “inflating” your face with the fillers. The cos twill most likely exceed the cost a face lift in a few years and the results of a face lift are superior, long lasting and more natural.

A honest and experienced surgeon should always recommend the best for his/her patient.
Non-surgical aesthetic practitioners and dermatologist should, when indicated, refer the patient to a surgeon to explore the suitable options to achieve a better and more natural result.

To make an appointment to see Mr Rochira or to learn more about the facial surgery that he carries out or to enquire about costs please send an email to info@dariorochira.co.uk or telephone his secretary on 07738 233604.

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We have prepared this guide to assist you if you are considering (or have planned) Face or Neck surgery with Mr Rochira. In addition to answering the questions that most of our patients have about their surgery, this guide also explains Mr Rochira’s fee structure and includes important information on how we handle and protect your personal data.