Face Lift London

Despite the large number of non-surgical treatments for facial renjuvenation such as ultrasound, radiofrequency, resurfacing and fillers and botox, the surgical facelift still remains the best option when a NATURAL and long lasting look is wanted.

What Can Be Changed With Facelift?

facelift is one of the most popoular cosmetic procedures for both men and women.  It allows for the elevation and refreshening of the face, typically the jawline and the neck.  It is frequently performed in association to other surgical and non-surgical procedures such as eye bag removal, fat transfer, botox and peels, that Mr Rochira is experienced in and discusses with patients considering this surgery.

Although there isn’t a particular age when a facelift should be performed, it is a procedure commonly sought from about the age of 45 in women and in men from the age of about 50 and above.

A facelift is indicated when the skin becomes relaxed and saggy , deforming the jaw line and ageing the neck. Hence, the only permanent and natural (whereby no foreign bodies such as filler product or threads are left inside) is a surgical face lift.

It is very important, however, that patients understand a facelift will not immortalise your face which will continue to age as normal. This is something that Mr Rohcira often explains in great detail to anyone considering facelift surgery as it is important that the expectations of what will continue to happen to the face are realistic.

A facelift and neck lift will traditional be performed at the same time and will involve a scar in the natural crease line in front of the ear, in the groove behind the ear and in the hair. The scar is usually undetectable after 6-12 months but it will still be present.

Neck Lift

Theatre Time

3 - 4 Hours


Front and back of ears

Lenght Of stay

1 or 2 Nights

Time Off Work

2 - 3 Weeks

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