Mastopexy Breast Uplift – London

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Mr Dario Rochira has over 15 years in cosmetic surgery and is very experienced in performing all types of breast surgery, including mastopexy or breast uplift surgery.
In Mr Rochira’s opinion, a beautiful breast is not always a larger breast, it’s a matter of shape.
An experienced plastic surgeon is able to obtain a proportional breast shape by using tailored techniques to meet a woman’s specific need. With a breast uplift you will be amazingly surprised how forward your breast can be lifted, gaining a better and pleasing shape. This can be achieved by removing the excess skin around and below the nipple & areola which will be raised to a higher position.
Why women choose to have a Breast Uplift?
There are many reasons why a woman may consider a Breast Uplift but the common reasons are:

  • To obtain a more pleasing breast shape after pregnancy and breast feeding.
  • To restore breast fullness and contour after significant weight loss.
  • To enjoy a beautiful, upright breast shape for the first time ever.

The first thing Mr Rochira will asses during a consultation with any woman who is considering surgery for a Breast Uplift is the location of the nipple & areola in relation to the infra-mammary crease.

You can also try this test yourself: place a pen underneath your breast (without a bra) so that it sits against the breast fold. Does your breast hold the pen? Do your nipples sit below the pen? If you answered yes, to either one or both of these questions, then you may benefit from a Breast Uplift.
Are you happy with your breast size when wearing a bra? A breast uplift alone will reduce your breast size relatively, but it will also help your breasts to look higher, a bit fuller and better in and out of the bra. But if you would like your breasts to be larger, then a breast uplift together with a breast enlargement will usually be the better option for you.
If you need a Breast Uplift it is frequently because your breasts have dropped over time and this may be caused by a number of reasons. Mr Rochira finds that he often spends a lot of time discussing this with his patients. In Mr Rochira’s experience it is important for his patients to understand that a large implant will not be considered due to the possibility of further sagging from the weight of the implant.

Please also refer to the information on this website about Breast Reduction Surgery to find out how your breasts can be reduced and uplifted at the same time.

Mr Rochira believes that it also important for patients to appreciate that a Breast Uplift (particularly with implants) will not stop the ageing process. Several life events, such as weight loss or gain, pregnancy, disease and gravity, will all affect the longevity of the results. Mr Rochira recommends patients to consider a Breast Uplift if they are stable with their weight and not planning further children.

Theatre Time

3 hours


T-inverted shape (anchor shape)

Lenght of stay

Day case or 1 night stay

Time Off Works

2 weeks

Before & After

More case studies are available on Before | After page

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