Why is Dr Rochira offering on-line consultations?

As the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading across the world at different paces, all the national scientific medical comities (ISAPS; BAPRAS; BAAPS) have all agreed to postpone the provision of cosmetic surgery for a period of three months, the governmental strict advice is to STAY AT HOME!
While any emergency treatment of necessary post-operative appointments are guaranteed, many treatments and operations have been cancelled to a further date. It is still unclear when the restrictions on cosmetic surgery will be lifted.

What can doctors and patients achieve with telemedicine?

Many doctors around the world are still seeing patients. Using the social-distancing break as an opportunity to get an initial consultation out of the way, so surgeries can be scheduled as soon as non-essential medical procedure restrictions lift.
A 30-minute virtual consultation gives you the opportunity to meet Dr Rochira and ask any questions you may have relating to your chosen procedure. Dr Rochira will guide you through the patient journey, explaining the procedure, risks and anticipated results.

What platforms can you use for virtual consultations?

Dr Rochira has chosen ZOOM as the latest and safest platform for virtual conferences and medical consultation. ZOOM Healthcare is also used by the NHS in the UK.
30 minutes before your online meeting we will email you a code to join the call. You will need to download ZOOM app on your phone/tablet/laptop. You do not need so sign in to simply join a call as long as you have the code and password which we will email you.
As for whether you should use your tablet, phone, or computer, the consensus is to go with whatever works for you. Dr Rochira will be using his laptop so he can share his desktop with you to show drawings, diagrams or cases.
Since most doctors will want to see the area you will be talking about clearly and at level height, making sure you have the ability to show it straight on. Finally, you might want to go through a trial run before the online consultation. “Be aware of how to work the microphone and camera on your phone, tablet, or computer”

How to set yourself up for a virtual consultation

Here are the steps you need to take before booking an online consultation with Dr Rochira:

  1. Call our clinic on 07738233604 and ask what availability we have
  2. Fill the form received by email and return it to us
  3. Pay your consultation fee
  4. Download ZOOM on your laptop/mobile/tablet
  5. f you enquire about Rhinoplasty please send your pictures (front and R side)
  6. Get ready for your consultation

Remember that you will need to see Dr Rochira for your in-office consultation before booking your surgery.

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Make sure that both you and your doctor are in private environments where you feel comfortable sharing sensitive information.
The consultation itself will be a lot like what you would experience in the office, minus a physical examination. The doctor will ask questions and then examine what they can, possibly instructing you to move the camera or your body around as needed so they can examine you and come up with instructions for your specific next steps.
Do your research. We always advise patients to read as much as possible about the procedure they are interested in prior to talking to the Surgeon. The best source of information can be found on Dr Rochira’s new website: www.dariorochira.co.uk

• Make sure that you ask your surgeons lots of questions, the consultation is a great opportunity to learn more about the procedures available.
• Ensure you have a good internet connection.
• Endeavour to have a good level of lighting, the better the surgeon can see you, the better they will be able to assess whether you would make a good candidate for surgery.
• A static camera is preferable as that doesn’t move around. If you’re using a mobile device we suggest you mount or prop your device so that it is stable and captures you in full view.

Will I have to get naked during my virtual consultation?

Do you feel comfortable doing so? For below-the-neck procedures, your doctor should follow your lead and meet your preferences on how you share sensitive information, whether you would rather share photos via a secure system prior to the appointment or are comfortable getting undressed on video.
Doctors aim to make digital visits as similar to in-person consultations as possible.
On a virtual call, he can ask you to place the camera facedown or step away from the camera to undress and then put on a bathrobe. When you come back, he resumes the meeting.” Seeing body parts in real time allows surgeons to examine the anatomy and talk patients through potential issues and improvements.
Regardless, since a video dynamic is different from talking in-person, your doctor should approach consults for sensitive areas in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Will I be able to see a Photoshop simulation of my nose?

Yes. If you wish to have, an idea of what your nose may look like after surgery, Dr Rochira will be happy to provide a Photoshop-simulated outcome. This can only be done on one side, the right hand side of your nose/face.
If you wish to do so, please make sure that you send your pictures (front and side) to info@dariorochira.co.uk at least 24 hours before your online consultation.
The computer simulation should not give the patient the impression that the surgeon can always foresee and achieve a specific cosmetic outcome. For example, Photoshop cannot simulate the skin retraction and re draping, therefore the exact shape and projection of the tip rarely matches the surgical outcome.
The simulation allows the surgeon to show what he has in mind for the specific case and for the patients to have a better idea of how their nose may look like on their face. It is not a guarantee that the outcome will match the simulation.
The simulation in only performed on the side view. Although it would be interesting and useful to see how the outcome may look from the front, the surgical result has been proven to be very far from any possible simulation of the front view.

What pictures do we need?

Please do not take pictures with your front (selfies) camera of your phone. If possible, ask someone else to take the pictures for you. Make sure that the phone/camera is at the same level as your face. Take a picture of the front view and a picture of your right hand side profile.
Check the pictures and ensure that they are not blurred and that all your face is in them.
Here is an example:

What is the cost?

The online consultation fee with Dr Rochira is £100.
You will not be charged for your in-office consultation within 12 months from your initial online meeting.
The consultation fee is payable via
• bank transfer or online

Online Payment

Using “Stripe”, the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce.

  • All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines.
  • Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn’t share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services.

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