Patient Reviews

Read Reviews by actual patients of Mr Dario Rochira Plastic Surgeon in London.

”  Just coming back from seeing Mr Dario Rochira I am delighted to say I am incredibly happy with my results. I am 6 weeks post opp and my nose looks incredible, I am so happy with my results. My journey with Dario started back in January 2019, he was the first surgeon I met, and I met a few more after. I was satisfied with the initial conversation I had, he was very realistic and knew exactly my concerns. I appreciated his approach is asking me what problem do I see with my nose, and as I explained he listen. The fact he asked me what my concern was, was incredibly reassuring. I thought long and hard about planning my surgery and I knew he was the surgeon for me. I had my opp in December 9th, and the entire experience with Dario was great. He gave me a realistic approach and he was clear about what he could achieve. My nose now looks so natural, and suits my face. It is exactly how I wanted it to be, it looks so much more feminine and it really compliments my face. I have no nose scarring and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Thank you Dario for your patience and your skills, I have had this insecurity since I was 13 and I have waited through my teens and earlier twenties because I just wasn’t sure, I was so scared of messing my nose up. I can honestly say, the results are better then what I expected. Once again thank you! ”
Priya PatelGoogle
” I arranged my initial consultation with Dario Rochira for October and I instantly knew that I wanted him to perform the procedure. I felt the actual procedure and the whole process were explained to me very well which helped me prepare, and to know what to expect. He took the time to answer all of my questions and I instantly felt confident in his abilities. The whole experience was flawless from the beginning to the end. The team are really friendly and helpful and I felt supported throughout. Everything was really clearly communicated and any further questions were answered quickly and informatively. Dario Rochira is a fantastic surgeon and I am extremely pleased with my results. He is highly skilled and experienced but is also approachable and friendly. I felt safe in his care and I trusted him. I am a mother of two young babies so the decision to have surgery was not made easily. Dario achieved exactly what I hoped for and more. He really is in a different league. A flawless five star experience! “
Nic AdamsGoogle
” I have always wanted breast enlarging surgery but have always been scared by horror stories and risks that can come with it. I thought there would be no harm to at least look into what it would all involve so researched doctors, this is where I found Dr Dario Rochira. After having a consultation with Dr Dario, he made me feel so at ease and answered every question I had to ask, even after my consultation I was still able to contact him with any further concerns I had. Having the surgery was the best decision I ever made, I look and feel great!!!! Dr Dario made me feel safe and informed the whole time and I couldn’t have been in better hands. I could not recommend enough Dr Dario and how professional he is, from start to finish my whole experience was outstanding and all the staff at the clinic made me feel welcomed and comfortable, from reception, treatment coordinator to the nurses. Thanks to all of their support my life has changed for the better.Bex “
Bex EllisonGoogle
” 7 weeks ago I had a preservation rhinoplasty with Mr Rochira. The whole process was fantastic from my first consultation until now. He straight away put me at ease and made me feel incredibly confident in what he could do for me. The surgery went amazing and the whole team at Fitzroy Square looked after me very well! I am so pleased with my results and my recovery has been great, I had no pain or bruising and I was back at work after 9 days. Every day my nose looks better! Mr Rochira is incredibly talented, professional and so friendly! He has done an amazing job on my nose and I couldn’t recommend him enough. “
Hannah MiddletonGoogle
” I am now 6 weeks post my preservation rhinoplasty with Dario Rochira. The entire process has gone so smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with my results. From my first consultation Dr Rochira was so friendly and put me at ease instantly. After explaining what I liked and disliked about my nose he took photos and edited them to give an idea of what the final result could look like. A few months later and I was having my surgery. The entire team at Fitzroy Square were so professional and caring. I woke up after my surgery in no pain, and was sent home a few hours later. The first week of my recovery I had no pain, virtually no bruising and very little swelling. After a week my cast was taken off and by two weeks it wasn’t noticeable that I’d had surgery at all! The entire private clinic team have been so amazing throughout, I love my new nose and strongly recommend Dr Rochira to anyone interested in rhinoplasty!”
Maddie P.Google
” I had breast implants 10 years ago and had not been happy with the shape or size of them for many years. I also did not want to have implants re-inserted. I thought about removal surgery for a long time and after visiting Mr Rochira, felt nervous but reassured about having my implants removed and a mastopexy performed. I was not bothered about retaining large breasts but was nevertheless concerned about returning to the empty breasts I had previous to my implants 10 years ago. I need not have worried, under Mr Rochira’s expert surgery I am now implant free (wonderful) and as a bonus I was really not expecting, I have full, firm breasts which are in accordance with my body shape. Additionally, my breasts had become low, and the areola around my nipples enlarged. I now have wonderfully high breasts, and small neat areola. I am only 6 weeks post op and my scars are already healing well, I have had some discomfort, but this is reasonably invasive surgery. Any worries I had post-surgery have been taken seriously by Mr Rochira and I have been able to see him when needed. He has a very professional, friendly and reassuring manner which is so helpful when you are navigating the unknown, he also really reassured my husband who was worried about me, immediately after surgery. In all honesty I have never liked my breasts, I am not an overly vain woman, but I had real psychological issues regarding them. Finally, at 50 years old, I love the breasts I have which feel in keeping with my body shape, thank you so much Mr Rochira, I highly recommend you as a surgeon. “
Helen B.Google
” Dario Rochira is simply the best Plastic surgeon you will meet and I was lucky enough to be one of his patient . The result of my surgery is simply amazing Dario and Tiffany is PA are simply amazing people . I cannot thank him enough and recommend him enough from the moment I met him I knew I was in safe hands . Grazie tanto “
Muriel GhitGoogle
” For several years I had been considering having a breast lift. More recently, I had become totally dissatisfied with the appearance of my breasts which had been subjected to years of stress, in particular, high-impact sports, weight loss and three pregnancies (with years of breastfeeding). Needless to say, my breasts had lost all of their femininity and were literally weighing me down psychologically. Three years ago, on a friend’s recommendation, I went to see a plastic surgeon. I left that office disillusioned, thinking that maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Last year, however, I met Dr. Dario Rochira. I could hear the embarassment and hesitation in my voice as I answered Dr. Rochira’s preliminary questions. With his gentle and sensitive, yet highly-professional manner, Dr. Rochira soon gained my trust and I was able to bare my physical and psychological malaise to him (a most difficult obstacle for me to get over). During this appointment I described my lifestyle and espressed my wishes to Dr. Rochira. Dr.Rochira answered the questions I had thought of and those I hasn’t. After his professional assessment, Dr. Rochira explained what would have been the best solution for me in terms of shape, size and placement of the implants. I left Dr. Rochira’s office that day, as well as after all follow-up appointments, feeling reassured knowing that I was in Dr. Rochira’s highly-skilled hands and under his protective wing. I knew that it WAS meant to be. Dr. Rochira has always been more than available and prompt in answering calls/messages related (and non) to my procedure. In June 2018, six weeks after our first appointment, Dr. Rochira performed, yes ‘performed’ is the perfect word to describe Dr. Rochira’s meticulous work, a Mastopexy and breast implant procedure. My expectations were met and surpassed. Dr. Rochira’s qualities as a gentleman and above all as a surgeon, definitely measured up! “
Francesca MisasiGoogle
” I had heard about Mr Rochira through a friend and I went to see him about a bump on my nose that had been bothering me for many years. My friends had always told me that this was nothing to worry about but I was always aware of it and it affected my confidence. I contacted his secretary Tiffany through his website and made an appointment to see him in his consulting rooms on Harley Street. From the moment I met Mr Rochira he put me at complete ease. He answered all of my questions with patience and politeness. He reassured me that the bump on my nose was nothing to be unduly concerned about but he also appreciated that it was something that bothered me and he explained my options for improving it with surgery. He suggested that I take a couple of weeks to think about whether I wanted to proceed with surgery and if so, that I should then come back to see him again. Over the next few days I thought about it some more and decided to proceed with the operation. I went back to see him and once I confirmed that this is what I wanted to do, he arranged for me to sign all of the paperwork and his secretary took care of the process to book me into a nearby private hospital where the operation would be carried out. The whole process was seamless and his secretary was also wonderful in answering my many (many) questions about how everything would work. On the day of the surgery I saw Mr Rochira before the operation and again immediately afterwards. He assured me that everything had gone to plan and that he was pleased with the outcome. It’s now been about 6 months since my operation and I am still thrilled with the results! I cannot believe that I waited so long to do anything about my nose and only wish that I had gone and seen Mr Rochira sooner. I will say this about Mr Rochira. He is an extremely nice man, who clearly has excellent surgical skills, but really takes the time to listen to what you have to say and no question is too trivial for him to answer. He carefully explained to me what to expect at every stage after the operation and what some of the side effects such as swelling, bruising and tenderness might be. Because he explained all of this to me so carefully, I was not at all alarmed and appreciated that this was all to be expected. Mr Rochira I cannot thank you enough! “
J HGoogle
” Dr Rochira is a fantastic surgeon. He did an immaculate job for my breast Augmentation. He gave me exactly what I wanted. Throughout my search for the right surgeon before I met dr rochira I assumed it was natural to be left feeling unsure and apprehensive about undertaking surgery. However, within the first few minutes of meeting dr rochira I felt so assured and secure that he would take good care of me and will ensure I get the right result for me. all the other consultations I had before seeing dr rochira, I was advised to take excessive procedures. My instinct told me I should not have to do as much procedures as the other doctors suggested to get the result I wanted. My consultation with dr rochira confirmed my instincts as he advised I did not need all the suggested procedures by the other surgeons. He was so very right. My result so far is perfect. I am now in my 4 week post surgery. I could not be happier. Thank you dr for the reassurance, you have made this experience for me so beautiful, I cannot thank you enough. I must also add how accessible and communicative dr rochira is. Every message I send to him directly whether a response to his Instagram post completely unrelated to my procedure to any concerns or questions I have had post surgery have all been answered directly by him. I cannot recommend him enough.”
Rachel KamaraGoogle