Preservation Rhinoplasty London

Preservation Rhinoplasty is becoming a major part of Mr Rochira’s practice and in this short video he explains how the new technique of Preservation Rhinoplasty is changing the field of nose surgery. Mr Rochira was one of the first surgeons in the UK to offer this minimally invasive and less traumatic form of surgery when performing Rhinoplasty operations.
Preservation Rhinoplasty addresses the patient’s concern about unnatural looking results, as the surgeon can predict the outcome with greater precision.

In the case of most Caucasian Rhinoplasty’s the dorsal hump tends to be the focus of concern. Dorsal hump reduction is therefore an essential surgical step during a Rhinoplasty in order to resect portions of both the bone and cartilage. Following the dorsal height reduction, the vault of the nose is destroyed and must then be reconstructed in order to be functional again.

For the last 50 years, this technique was the standard procedure used by surgeons to remove a hump and change the shape of the nose. The unfortunate complications of this technique included: bone irregularities, dorsal deformities, saddle noses and breathing issues.

Preservation Rhinoplasty allows the surgeon to reduce the size of the dorsal hump without destroying it during surgery, instead the hump is re-shaped and flattened internally.Preservation Rhinoplasty aims to preserve the nasal ligaments and manipulate cartilages, therefore requiring minimal incisions and less recovery time. Most patients will be discharged to go home within several hours of their surgery.

While anyone considering Rhinoplasty Surgery will always need to be assessed in a face to face. The cost for a nose job in London varies and the exact price can be provided only after a consultation.

Mr Rochira was one of the first surgeons in London performing Preservation Rhinoplasty and in his experience up to 80% of patients are suitable for this procedure.Patients who undergo Preservation Rhinoplasty have a faster recovery and are discharged home only a few hours following their surgery. The risk of bleeding post operatively reduces as the soft packs inserted inside the nose allow the patient to breathe straight away.Mr Rochira can achieve a more natural result with this technique because the proportions of the patient’s face can be preserved.


  • Less invasive than traditional Rhinoplasty
  • Does not require external scar in most of the cases
  • Painless
  • The patient can breathe straight after surgery
  • No blocking packs required
  • Less swelling and bruising
  • Faster recovery
  • 7-10 off work
  • Day case procedure

It is worth to note that the final cosmetic result after any type of Rhinoplasty is visible after 12 months. 

Theatre Time

2 - 2,5 Hours


Closed or open approach

Lenght Of stay

Day case

Time Off Work

7 - 10 Days

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To make an appointment to see Mr Rochira or to learn more about his preservation rhinoplasty experience and the surgery that he carries out please fill the form, send an email to or telephone his secretary on 07738 233604.